Hello E’s Glow Tanners! ☀️

We have given much and thought and consideration in how to offer you the best tanning & spray tanning service in these uncertain times. With that said we will be following Social Distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and staff members.

This is will be rather long, but it is all important to help you prepare for your visit!

Our hours will remain the same, however we will be taking our last tan as follows;

🙌 Re-open date is Friday May 15th 8am-7:40pm

Mon-Fri 8am-7:40pm
Sat 9am-4:40pm
Sun 11am-3:40pm

We will be offering walk-in’s only at this time; however we will be revisiting this after we are open a week and will make changes as needed! We will not be able to take call aheads. We are still in our “busy season” so it is very normal for there to be a wait on equipment as we are trying to tan lots of customers.

When you arrive…
- You will NOT be required to wear a mask
- Our staff will be wearing masks
- You will NOT be required to sign in
- We will be limiting the number of customers in the lobby to be used for customers who need to fill out consent paperwork & for those minors 15 years and younger parents/legal guardians are required to sit in the salon while their minor tans.
- If the lobby limit is met, we ask that you wait outside the door and we will let you know as soon as you can come in.
- You may see a line but, please understand it may not be as busy as it looks as our check-in process is just taking longer.
- At check-in we will discuss your tan time so that we can responsibly tan you.
- If we have a bed available for you, you will be sent back immediately.
- If your bed has a wait on it, then we will ask you to wait in your car. We will then either call you or come out and get you when your bed is ready.
- If you have a wait on your bed and have other things to do feel free to leave and come back as long as it is on or before your quoted wait time.

Shopping: If you wish to shop after your tanning visit (which we are grateful for) please just be mindful of social distancing.

If you have questions about a package or membership you purchased prior to the closure click here for all your Q & A’s or use our contact us by sending a message.

If you would like to see all our packages & membership options click here

Lastly, we ask that you have patience as we are going to be doing extra cleaning to keep you safe so things will take longer than usual.

Thank you for your understanding and PATIENCE and for your continued support to our local small business during these trying times for all!

We look forward to seeing you all and helping you get that bronze glow before summer and some much- needed relaxation!


E's Glow Tanning 💛

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