//We advise to shower before you come in and be sure to exfoliate; get all the dead skin off pay special attention to knees, elbows, feet and hands. Stop in and check out our full line of Sunless Products to help you prep for your Pura Sunless Tan.

(If you didn't have time to Prep no worries, we sell single use prep items)

//After showering be sure NOT to apply any makeup or deodorant, perfume, or lotion. Arrive free and clear of all products.

//Wear dark, loose fitting, older clothing so that when you put your clothes back on the spray tan rub off won't ruin good clothing.

//You can go nude or wear older undergarments; we do also have disposable strapless bras, bikini underwear, and thongs available for free upon request.

We have a variety of tanning formulas to satisfy your individual needs.  Formulas range from light to dark bronze, and you can choose whether your tan shows right away or let it develop over several hours.  Whether you tan on your lunch break, or right before a night out, we have the tan for you!

For a Friday event// we advise to get it done on Tuesday or Wednesday
For a Sat event// we advise to get it done on Wednesday or Thursday

We do encourage that you try it 1x before any critical event such as a wedding, photography session etc to be sure you like the look.




//Make sure you are able to NOT shower for at least 6 hrs after your sunless session, get wet or sweat.

//If you are worried about getting sheets, car interior, furniture colored just put down an old towel or old sheet to protect these things!

//Lastly, Moisturize lots each day after the spray tan to help keep it - it will last 3 to 7 days.

(Add on the Post Moisturizer Spray for just $5!)


Things to avoid: bar soaps, shaving, exfoliating, hot showers, chlorine & salt water to keep your sunless tan from fading fast.