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Covid Check-In 

Taking temporary safety precautions as our traffic flow is increasing! 

New! Check-in from your car!

Hello, and thank you for your interest in learning how you can Check-In from your car! Our goal is to make changes as our traffic flow has increased and the winter temps have decreased! Due to COVID we still have limited waiting space in our lobby, and we have been brainstorming ways to get customers checked in while staying warm in their car. Please note this is a temporary fix and will of course come with a learning curve for us.


Here are the Details | Requirements…

  1. Customer must currently have an ACTIVE UV or SPRAY TANNING package with us. We cannot sell packages over the phone, but you are still welcome to purchase them in the salon like normal. We just cannot Check you in from your car until you have an ACTIVE package for us to use to check you in. 

  2. We will be offering Car Check-Ins during our peak traffic times which also is when we are double staffed and able to take on additional calls.


Check – Ins will be taken as follows:

MONDAY – FRIDAY 11am - 6:30pm

SATURDAY 9:30am-2pm

SUNDAY 12:30pm-3pm


  1. You must be in the parking lot when you call. Why? Because your bed may be available when you call in and we will need to send you back right then to keep the traffic flowing and be able to check in more customers. Also, so that our “tan line” waiting list is in correct order. This is SO IMPORTANT for us to keep everything straight for you! Please come promptly in if you are told your bed is ready or when you receive the text your bed is ready.

  2. We will give you an approximate wait time when you call in if there is a wait on your bed.

  3. You MUST join our text messaging list as we will send you a text message as soon as your bed is ready (if you had to wait on your bed) click here to join https://slkt.io/kJjc

Now you are ready to Check- In from your car:


  1. Call 419-663-4569 (GLOW)

  2. Let the staff attendant know your first and last name.

  3. They will chat with you on equipment and exposure time.

  4. They will tell you if your bed is available now or the approximate wait time.

  5. Again, be sure to join our text list so we can text you as soon as your bed is ready.



Can you upgrade over the phone? You must have a card on file or pay when you get out.

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